Technologies and tools:

I started my adventure with Java Script in November 2017 when I decided to go on a Web Samuraj JS course in Warsaw. It was amazing one week . I created a lot of small projects and met really cool people. Except vanilla JS We learnt some about React and Node JS. During this course I felt that it’s beginning of amazing, really long adventure. After this course I practiced my JS skills on Udemy with Jonas Schmedtmann (The Complete JavaScript Course 2018: Build Real Projects!) and also on Udemy “The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp" when I learnt a lot about ES6+

When I got elementary knowledge about JS it was time for next level. I chose React JS. I’ve started learning on Udemy “The Complete React Web Developer Course (with Redux)” with Andrew Mead and also “Modern React with Redux” with Stephen Grider. I still learn but I'm getting better every day. I want to start my first big project soon. It’s going to be application with Node JS and React. Wish me luck ;)

I have got elementary knowledge about Redux. I learnt some during Udemy courses. I know what’s Redux and when it’s use but I haven’t use Redux in my projects yet. When I start my project I’m sure that I’ll use Redux ;)

I had my first experience with CSS few years ago during studies. When I was on my dormitory I found You Tube Channel “Pasja Informatyki” and then my friend Jakub shown me “Samuraj Programowania” channel. I started create really simple and really ugly website ^^

When I got more advance knowledge I started to learn SASS and advance CSS also on Udemy, on Jonas Schmedtmann course “Advanced CSS and Sass […]” (whole title is really long :D ) It was my first time with flexbox and grid. I’ve learnt a lot about animation, svg, media queries, I’ve used npm and even more… :D

I started learn node on “Web Samuraj JS course” in November 2017. Then I learnt node also on Udemy on “The Complete Node.js Developer Course (2nd Edition)” course. I want to use node JS in my first big project ;)

Mongodb is another technology which I want to use soon ;) I hope you would be able to see positive results really soon on my GitHub :)

I use git every day! It’s amazing and useful tools especially when I have a lot of bugs and I don’t know what to do :) I hope I’ll get more experience with git (and other technologies as well ) in future when I get my first real job in software house or startup